The Books


The question I get asked most often is, “what prompted you to write a book, let alone two and on different subjects?” 

It’s really quite simple. The most common thing audiences would write on a feedback form when asked what would make the programs better for them was ‘more time.’ My response was always, “I’m working on it” but I never quite got around to the task until a few serendipitous moments with deadlines attached.


Taking the Leap

Speaking at TEDx in 2013 prompted Just Another Leap. After speaking at TEDx, I hired a copywriter to update the content on my website. She added a page to highlight the upcoming book launching in the spring of 2014. It wasn’t until a client called to invite me to give a keynote at their April conference and officially launch my book there that I had a deadline of 90 days to complete it.

The title of my TEDx talk was ‘There to Here Is Just Another Leap’. I realize it’s improper grammar but if you listen to the first two minutes of the talk you’ll know why I chose it. Writing the book in record time pushed my comfort zones in a BIG way!

Just Another Leap is a guidebook to help you with your ‘there to here’ journey. The bonus, it’s an easy read with easy to implement ideas and actions.

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But why the shift to completely different topic for the second book? Success starts with how you think and builds on how you connect.


Creating A Connecting Advantage

It was when I realized the same mindset concepts could be applied to making connections that ‘Your Connecting Advantage’ came to light. Even though I’d been through the writing process with the first book, I still hesitated to start on the second (a mental comfort zone thing). It was continuous feedback of “more time” and clients asking me when the book would be ready that I committed once again to a conference launch. Six months to complete the project sounded like an easy window but my business was growing quickly which left me a much smaller window – 33 days to be exact.

This isn’t a lot of time to write and go through the editing process for a 220-page business book but keep in mind that I had lived the experiences and shared the concepts in keynotes and workshops since 2005. It was these very concepts that I used to build my brand, my business and more importantly, make the shift from wallflower to connector. Thank goodness for a phenomenal copy editor, graphic designer and accountability partner to work with!

Your Connecting Advantage is a guidebook with strategies and tactical takeaways on every page.

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p.s. The book may only have 18 reviews on so far but they’re all 5-stars!

Each book has its own page to highlight content and customized programs specific to the topic. 

If you prefer self-study, the books are ideal. If you’re looking for more in-depth work for yourself or organization, then let’s talk about the best solution for your needs.