Customized Training & Online Learning

Group dynamics don’t have to be negative. In fact, group energy can be the most compelling kind to stimulate ideas, encourage innovation and promote change – even if the attendees don’t know each other (yet). I create dynamic atmospheres in groups small and large, workshops, retreats, lunch and learns, yearly events and association meetings that leave participants energized and engaged. No post-session nap required.

If you are like most people, the programs you’ve attended may have been long on theory, but short on delivery. It’s time to change the paradigm. My customized training programs and online courses are all about focus, energy, and action.

Workshops, Intensives, and the Performance Mindset Method

My half-day workshops and full-day intensives are generally built on my most requested keynote speeches and breakout session topicsThe Performance Mindset Method takes a deep dive into individual performance and collective culture.


The Performance Mindset Method

Change is always happening, it typically happens fast, and often happens all around us.  Transition seems to take more time and for the most part, takes place inward in both the mind and heart.  So the real question is…when change is implemented how well do you and your people transition?

Many studies and research, including Blanchard Companies “Making Change Stick”, state that 70% of all change initiatives fail. The question is why? The answer is… an insufficient focus on culture, internal resistance, and lack of outside expertise in establishing a formal approach to bring about the desired change.

The Performance Mindset Method is NOT soft positive thinking and “just believing.” The content is based on decades of research in cognitive science and high achievement. The course is available in a live workshop format as well as a private online learning portal.

Learn more about the course here. 

The Potential Difference 

Is it time for your organization to take its next leap? Getting out of a comfort zone can be the biggest thing to take your team and your company to its next level of success. Using key ideas from my book, Just Another Leap, I lead your group through dynamic exercises, energizing discussions and tactical problem solving to rapidly move from where you are to where you want to be.


Creating a Connecting Advantage

Every organization is part of a bigger network. Is yours connected and thriving…or stagnating and surviving? Building on the concepts, strategies, and techniques from my second book, Your Connecting Advantage, I help your organization identify its connecting blindspots, create actionable strategies to make lucrative connections and forge long-lasting relationships that pay dividends far into the future.

Here’s a taste of the type of interaction for you to expect:

The biggest thing I have found to be true across all my work is that one option is not the best option for everyone. I customize everything to focus on the attendees and what they are trying to accomplish, what they want to gain from our short time together and how they can incorporate what they learn into their everyday lives and activities. Once we have the direction, we work together to set the course to ensure that you get the content, results and benefits that you are striving for.

Are you looking to create a special type of event in your company but not sure which option is best for you? Contact me here to discuss your needs, goals and the results you need.

“You can work really hard but if you are not training in the right way, you are not going to improve and get to the level that you want to.”

~Michael Chang, youngest male tennis player ever to win a Grand Slam title

In Layman’s Terms podcast


“I’ve often said that Joyce Layman is the greatest networker in the world. Meet her and you’ll immediately understand why. Read Your Connecting Advantage, and you’ll understand exactly how. Fantastic wisdom from which we can all benefit!" ​
~Bob Burg, coauthor of The Go-Giver and author of Endless Referrals

Your Connecting Advantage


"Joyce Layman outlines the simple steps you can take to propel yourself to success. Being uncertain about the future and, more importantly, your ability to handle the approaching uncertainties and obstacles is normal. Convincing yourself to take the Leap is not...but it can and should be. Thanks, Joyce for showing us the way!" ​
- Harry Campbell, CEO Durrie Vision, and author of Get-Real Leadership

Just Another Leap