Episode 39 – Small Changes Big Shifts

“Don’t wait for shift to happen before you do something to take care of yourself.”

Like most chiropractors, Dr. Michelle Robin started out with a small practice. Over the last 25 years, her practice has grown into one of the premier wellness facilities in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Her team includes chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, nutrition counselors, functional medicine doctors, an MD who focuses on sleep medicine and corporate wellness programs too.

Dr. Robin added published author, speaker, and the host of the popular podcast: Small Changes, Big Shifts to her list of accomplishments. This enables her to share her expertise with more people and impact more lives.

Listen to the episode here.

To learn more about Dr. Robin, her podcast, wellness courses, speaking engagements and more, visit her websites: Be sure to download a copy of her free e-book Small Changes Big Shifts.

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Episode 38 – High Performance Marketing

There’s an easy way to tell if your marketing lacks purpose. It just doesn’t work.

David Patrick learned first-hand from brilliant marketers like McDonald’s, P&G, LG Electronics, General Motors, Miller Lite, Kellogg, and Burger King to name a few. He worked his way up through the ranks and has served as a COO, CMO for companies like Beauty Brands and Westlake Hardware. David looked beyond marketing to connect a vision to a strategy to an action plan; aligning the Why, What, and How.

Now as the Founder of High Performance Retail Marketing Group, David builds strategies that drive brands, businesses, leadership teams, and companies. As an adjunct professor, he also teaches future builders of marketing, business strategy, and entrepreneurship in the MBA programs at the University of Missouri and the University of Kansas.

In this ‘how to’ episode, David shares insider strategies to grow your business through effective marketing. Of course, there is bonus adds too.

Listen to the episode below.

The two types of clients David focuses on are retail businesses and agency and professional service groups. For more information on how he can help your business grow, visit his website at or drop him a line at Be sure to connect with him on LinkedIn too.

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Episode 37 – Hitting a Connecting Homerun

“Everyone is going to have bad days. What’s important is not letting them affect you.”

As the business of sports has evolved, so has the industry that covers them which means the competition is increasing. Joel Goldberg has spent more than 20 years in television developing and maintaining relationships with professional athletes, coaches, and team management. He’s covered top athletes from Brett Favre to Kurt Warner to the 2015 World Championship Royals. Joel has been part of the Royals’ broadcast team for FOX Sports Kansas City since 2008. During this past off season, he served as the play-by-play announcer for the ECHL’s Missouri Mavericks, and also as an analyst on UMKC men’s basketball television broadcasts.

I caught up to Joel while he was on the road with the Royals. Our conversation covered everything from his start in broadcasting (which included cold calling), defining moments, comfort zones he’s overcome, one of his oh sh#t moments which we all can learn from and of course, baseball.

Early on in his career, Joel would sit on the sidelines watching other sportscasters having deep conversations with elite athletes. Building trust with successful icons takes time and Joel learned how to cultivate those relationships. Joel shares tips for connecting with the business professionals you consider elite.  Listen to the full interview below.  (direct download)

Joel built his career around building strong relationships. He speaks to companies and organizations on ways to promote trust in every situation. You can learn more on his website. And if you’d like to follow sports updates, then be sure to follow him on Twitter @goldbergkc.

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Episode 36 – FacePrint

“You’re running into problems almost daily, so it’s just kind of changing your mindset from, ‘It’s going to be perfect,’ to, ‘I’m going to do this repeatedly… and the short-term details are going to be flexible and change.’” ~Erin Smith

Why most high school students are taking time off this summer, Erin Smith is attending the Research Summer Institute at MIT where she will be continuing her explorations into algorithms for the FacePrint app she developed.

As a perpetually curious seventeen year old, Erin spent hours experimenting with her mom in their makeshift kitchen laboratory. As she aged, her ideas and research have moved out of her kitchen and into the real world and she’s making her mark in the STEM community.

FacePrint is a novel, telemedicine diagnostic tool for Parkinson’s disease utilizing early stage Parkinson’s disease facial biomarkers that she discovered and quantified. FacePrint has received national attention including winning the #BUILTBYGIRLS Challenge at Twitter Headquarters along with being recognized by the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

In this interview, Erin shares the science, struggles, and successes of her research, finding resources and starting a business as a high school student. If you think you’re busy, she also has productivity insights to offer.

Erin’s work has been featured in several articles both locally and nationally:

  • Affectiva SDK on the Spot: FacePrint Emotion Recognition Programs Detects Early Parkison’s Disease Symptoms
  • AOL blog – #BUILTBYGIRLS Challenge: 21 Girls Have Officially Taken Over Silicon Valley
  • Shawnee Mission Post – Shawnee Mission biotech student’s Parkinson’s research earns her invitation to elite summer program at MIT
  • The Kansas City Star – Lenexa Student Catches Attention of Michael J. Fox Foundation
  • The Voyager – FacePrint

If you are interested in participating in upcoming research, please email For any other requests, feel free to reach out to Erin at and be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn.

Along with developing FacePrint, participating in science competitions and going to high school, Erin is also an activist and the founder of KC Steminists, an AspireIT program that started this year that is a partnership with the National Center for Women in Technology and United Nation’s Foundation Girl Up Program. KC Steminists is a program for middle and high school students that focuses on greater exposure to opportunities in science and technology, with a focus on entrepreneurship and creating sustainable community solutions.

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