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Who’s Joyce Layman

Most tell you where they are instead of where they started. As for me, I’m a former wallflower in the world of business networking. Speaking in public was my second biggest fear, and I was stuck on the proverbial couch just like Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory fans can relate). Then I made a BIG shift.

I am an entrepreneur, podcast host, and referred to by many as a walking LinkedIn. If I told you I deliver information through keynote speaking, professional development training and business coaching (along with publishing two books), you might put me into the typical buckets, but clients will tell you that the work I do is far from typical.  My passion is inspiring people to step out of their current habits and into new opportunities that are already surrounding them. I leverage my extensive experience in the science of mindset and the art of business connections to help my clients create an advantage over their counterparts and their competition. More than motivation, I’m intent on helping others build their business and life by design.

work with me

I’m committed to cutting through the hype and do what matters to help clients achieve their next level in business.

Keynote Speaking

Tired of the hearing the same topic in a slightly different way? Then it’s time for keynotes and breakout sessions that provide tactics, motivate and inspire you to take action.

Business Coaching

Are you leading a team, in business development, career transition or starting a new venture? A targeted approach gets faster results.

Training Programs

Goals, challenges, and opportunities don’t come in a one-size fits all package. It’s time to get results that are as unique as the challenges you are facing in your business.

After 23 years of non-productive networking, I was fortunate to meet Joyce at what I had determined to be my last networking event. She asked what results I was getting from my efforts. I shared with her that for over two decades, I had provided quality referrals to many and had received very little in return. She said, “I can help you fix the problem and turn your networking into a valuable asset capable of growing your business exponentially.” The fee I paid for her consulting is absolutely the best business development investment I have ever made. My only regret is I didn’t meet her 20 years ago. It is without reservation that I recommend her services to you. Do you and your business a favor…retain her.

Jeff Meyers, ChFC, CASL

Managing Partner, Meyers Wealth Management

The IMMEDIATE INFLUENCE and UNSTUCK courses are ready to launch!

If you are like most people, the courses you’ve taken may have been long on theory, but short on delivery. It’s time to change the paradigm. The IMMEDIATE INFLUENCE and UNSTUCK courses are all about focus, energy, and action. The bonus – both programs are fast moving and self-paced to fit your schedule!

The courses are available in a 60-day curriculum of modules complete with downloadable tools, resources, “how-to” guides, and so much more. You have access to the modules for a full year. Contact me for the details and pre-launch bonus. 

The Mental Technology of Leadership

The Mental Technology of Leadership course helps organizations, departments, teams, and individuals unleash their potential and increase performance to obtain their desired outcomes.

Change is always happening, it typically happens fast, and often happens all around us. Transition seems to take more time and for the most part takes place inward in both the mind and heart. So the real question is…when change is implemented how well do you and your people transition? Many studies and research, including The Blacnchard Companies “Making Change Stick”, state that 70% of all change initiatives fail. The question is why? The answer is… an insufficient focus on culture, internal resistance, and lack of outside expertise in establishing a formal approach to bring about the desired change.

The Mental Technology of Leadership course is NOT soft positive thinking and “just believing.” The content is based on decades of research in cognitive science and high achievement. It’s designed with real life examples and practical concepts that resonate with the participants both personally and professionally. The course can be facilitated live or via an online course format. Learn more here. 

Joyce is a pleasure to work with. She has been instrumental in helping our organization navigate through change. Joyce is an excellent listener and is genuine in helping our organization. She is passionate about her work and she creates energy in the room. I admire her high-quality work and she continuously adds value to our organization.

Chad Wilkins

Former Executive Director and President, Resource Center for Independent Living, Inc.

Ideas, Insights, and Actions

Do you ever get stuck and need a flash of insight, dose of motivation or resource to help you take action on that great idea?

That’s what you’ll get in my monthly message. You’ll also receive valuable tips and tools to help your business grow.

Yes I want them!

From The Podcast

In Layman’s Terms is designed to help you shorten the learning curve and succeed in business through the power of your relationships.

Episode 31 – From Head Noise to Muscle Metrics

“You’ve got to have guts.” Cameron Bishop has extensive experience building, buying, and running companies. For over 30 years, he has led companies owned by a broad range of international, regional and institutional private equity. Over the course of his career, he’s managed a workforce of nearly 2000 employees located in cities across the U.S. and […]

Impacting Pet Homelessness Through Innovative Leadership

"Drop the ego and let your team shine." Working in an animal shelter and seeing three animals come in and less going out inspired Michelle Rivera to find a solution to the problem of pet homelessness.

Episode 28 – Meetings Suck

"Say no more often. Have more fun along the way. You're never going to get it all done." Cameron Herold is known as the business growth guru. Rich Karlgaard, publisher of Forbes Magazine refers to him as "today's CEO whisperer."

Episode 27 – Conbody

An Interview with Coss Marte, a former inmate turned fitness CEO #dothetime "Never stop pitching and start a conversation."

Espiode 26 – Tailwag

“From simplicity comes generosity.” Angel Morales will tell you pushing comfort zones is a must in business no matter what role you are in even if you are introvert. As the head of C3 International, a division within C3, Angel has developed and maintained client relationships in 25 countries including Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe […]

The Real Power of Relationships

Saturday night I was out with a friend to watch the NFL Playoff game and did a quick check for emails on my way to the ladies room. My friend Michael had sent me the following… “Hello Joyce, hope you’re doing well. I have a question for you but I’m only asking because I know you […]

Your Connecting Advantage

What’s the Buzz About?

“I’ve often said that Joyce Layman is the greatest networker in the world. Meet her and you’ll immediately understand why. Read Your Connecting Advantage, and you’ll understand exactly how. Fantastic wisdom from which we can all benefit!" ​
~Bob Burg, coauthor of The Go-Giver and author of Endless Referrals

Just Another Leap

Everything that you are familiar with today was once unfamiliar territory. There was a time where you didn’t know how to walk, talk or read. But you do all of those things effortlessly now. If you took a similar approach to everything else you learn in life, you’d be amazed at how quickly you progress. It starts by learning to leap. Speaking at TEDx allowed me to tell my ‘there to here’ story in 16 minutes. Click on the image to watch the video. You’ll see there’s a perfectly timed technical glitch about 2:45.

You don’t need a net to leap – you just need to leap. The UNSTUCK Course is launching soon. If you’d like to be notified when it’s ready, send me a quick note here.